Tears of a Pretty Girl
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Tears of a Pretty Girl

That pretty girl, sitting on the cold bench, was looking at the lake with her wide eyes. I was on the other bench, also cold, reading my book. Well, not actually reading because she really took my attention. I could see her fine nose, a little bit up, smelling the air. The nice smell of the lake. 

In front of us, there were some little rowboats two persons in each, a man and a woman. She was still staring at the lake. No expression, no happiness, no sadness, nothing. I could see her eyelash from my place. They must have been so long and curly that I could notice from about two meters and a half. 

I tried to read my book again with my eyes sometimes looking at her. Half an hour. It was almost dark. Most of the boats were disappearing from the lake. Only some couples walking out of the park, hand in hand. Some others enjoy the darkening process. No sunset in the corner of the lake but still it was beautiful. 

I put my book back into my bag. Tired of sitting down, I walked to reach the lake. A few inches from it, I stopped. I turned my head to see the girl. She also stood up. A few steps away from the bench. Her long brown hair and skirt were flying so beautifully on the cold air. Just one thing bothered me, tears. 

I saw tears on her pink cheeks. Now I saw sadness. Wondering what on her mind now. It seemed like she just could not help it. She was trying to manage her feeling but then, she really could not help it. 

Standing there, tears from her eyes onto her cheeks, down touching the land, absorbed. But not her sadness. She kept it in her heart, wishing that she could do the same with it, letting the fertile soil absorbed it so it did not have to be her burden. 

I was still there, watching her. She did not notice me. That might be better. I would not be able to heal her wounded heart.

Faheem Ali

Faheem Ali has randomly posted this post on Apnaaweb.com on January 13, 2019 at 05:26 PM and the story is viewed times since it was posted.

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